Who We Are


Bringing the ancient Greek craftsmanship to the modern world.

I'm Vasilis, a 38 year old man based in Athens, husband of a beautiful wife and father of 2 amazing kids.

Leather craft in Greece is actually GREEK FOLK ART, a very common profession in Greece till recent years which goes back literally thousands of years where the first Athenians used leather hides for their soles and were walking the streets of Acropolis in their first so called "Greek sandals" .
My father Konstantinos, as my grandfather, made a living from this art and as I grew up next to him in his workshop, always admiring him and learning.

However, I ended up studying marketing and finances in the best university of Athens.
Only to realize that when I met my wife and while planning our future we hated the idea of spending time away from each other and from our children.
I asked for my father's help and years of knowledge to take this one step further and go big online.

Our goal is:
Eliminating all intermediaries and add-on costs. Now we want to bring to YOU, absolute top quality leather products inspired by ancient Greek crafts in amazingly low prices because they are directly from OUR workshop to YOUR hands.

Supporting our small family business you're keeping a big family busy and happy living their dream!